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So Serious

Good Work

We know what customers really want. You want your frosty fridges, freezers, wine fridges, beer fridges, ice makers, kegerators, fridge organizers, and whatever else brought to your home fast and without hassle. You want people serious about taking care of you.

You want good old-fashioned hospitality. genuinely cares about doing good work. We want your experience to be a pleasant one. And even if for some reason a complication needs to be resolved, you can relax knowing we're on it.

Doing good work makes us happy.

Be Kind

Kindness believes the most powerful force on earth is love and kindness. The world can be a rough place at times. With kindness, we can do our best to understand and respect our neighbors, even if we disagree. With kindness, we can reach out to pull up those in need.

With kindness, we can be invincible.

And yes, even while has ambitions to sell a gazillion fridge and freezers across the United States, we can still be kind to our fellow humans along the way.

Remember to be kind, its way more fun.

Mix It Up


We will come right out and say it. Duh.

We are being playful, but it's pretty obvious to us that with such a wide and diverse customer base in the USA, our team should also represent it. Reports for years have proven that teams including people of all types and backgrounds bring different kinds of totally awesome ideas, skills and abilities.

There's no reason to miss out on that.

The Values

Good Work, Kindness & Diversity

We keep it simple.