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24" Wide Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


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  • Sku: FFBF181ESBI
  • Barcode: 761101053585
  • Vendor: SUMMIT
  • Type: Refrigerators

Product description


SUMMIT's collection of European no-frost counter depth refrigerator-freezers provides an attractive and user-friendly answer to small kitchen spaces. 

The FFBF181ESBI is a bottom freezer refrigerator with a unique 24" W x 25 1/4" D footprint and generous 12.8 Cu. Ft. capacity. The front-breathing design allows built-in installation for added space savings. It comes in a platinum cabinet finish with stainless steel doors and designer handles. 24 inch wide refrigerator. The exterior digital control panel lets you manage the refrigerator and freezer temperature without opening the door, a helpful function for saving energy and not exposing the interior to warmer room temperature. The control panel includes an audible and visual high temperature and open door alarm to help protect stored contents, as well as a child safety lock to prevent anyone from accidentally changing the settings. 

Inside, the 24 Inch Refrigerator FFBF181ESBI features a fully frost-free freezer compartment and an automatic defrost refrigerator section. The refrigerator section includes adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, as well as a scalloped shelf ideal for storing wine and other bottled beverages. The door features adjustable racks to accommodate a variety of sizes. This unit includes a "Zero Zone" deli drawer ideal for storing meats and cheeses at slightly colder temperatures than the rest of the refrigerator compartment.  24 Refrigerator. The large crisper drawer features humidity control for optimum storage of fruits and vegetables. A removable "multibox" with a silicone lid and air-tight seal is included to help store small food items that might have particularly strong odors. The control panel includes a “refrigerator boost” option to reach colder temperatures when loading groceries or first starting the unit up. This unit is equipped with adaptive intelligent technology that utilizes innovative sensors to automatically adjust to your habits. By recording common times of the door being opened and closed or patterns of when you load your groceries, the unit learns to anticipate this action and self-adjusts the temperature to handle these changes. 

The lower frost-free freezer compartment is equipped with three slide-out drawers with plastic fronts to better protect stored items from ambient air when the door is opened. A "freezer boost" function on the control panel helps the unit to reach its coldest temperature faster, while the upper drawer includes its own "XtremeFreeze" function. 

With its unique footprint and attractive style, the FFBF181ESBI brings a luxury look to kitchens with space limitations. 


  • Built-In capable -Front-breathing design allows fully integrated installation
  • Stainless steel doors - Professional look in high quality stainless steel, with a unique curve to add a modern touch to any kitchen
  • Bottom freezer - Convenient design keeps all refrigerated storage at eye level for easier use
  • Digital thermostats - Separate digital controls let you adjust the refrigerator and freezer section, with a digital display for added convenience
  • Adaptive intelligent technology - Innovative sensor technology allows the unit to adjust to your habits, reading your patterns to manage the temperature based on the frequency of door openings and grocery loading
  • Adjustable glass shelves - Rearrange your refrigerator space to accommodate all shapes and sizes or remove shelves for a simple clean-up
  • Adjustable door storage - Three door racks can be adjusted in height to accommodate a variety of sizes
  • Fixed bottle door rack - Lower door rack is ideal for storing tall condiments
  • Wine shelf - Store bottles safely on an adjustable scalloped steel rack
  • Humidity controlled crisper - Large crisper drawer allows you to ensure the optimum storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Zero Zone deli drawer - Slide-out drawer allows you to store meats and other deli items at a slightly colder temperature for long-lasting freshness
  • Multibox storage container - Removable container with a silicone lid and air-tight seal offers a convenient way to store smaller food items with a strong odor, such as blue-vein cheeses or onions
  • Interior LED refrigerator light - Automatically illuminates when you open the door
  • Removable transparent freezer drawers - Unique freezer design keeps the cold inside, even when the door is opened
  • Open door alarm - Audible alarm will sound if the refrigerator door is left ajar for over one minute
  • High temperature alarm - Audible alarm will sound if the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer compartment is too high
  • LED visual alarms - All alarms are both audible and visual, with lamps in the control panel that will illuminate when the alarm is sounded
  • No-frost operation - Frost-free freezer section and automatic defrost refrigerator offer low maintenance operation
  • Power failure alarm - If the temperature exceeds acceptable levels due to power failure, an audible alarm will sound
  • Intensive cooling & freezing function - Allows you to rapidly cool the refrigerator or freezer section, ideal for bringing newly loaded groceries to a safer storage temperature
  • Child lock - Temperature controls include a locking function to prevent accidental setting changes
  • Factory reversible door swing - Unit ships RHD unless ordered reversed in our factory. The doors are not user-reversible
  • Fully finished platinum cabinet - Allows the unit to be used freestanding
  • 100% CFC free - Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals
  • Width: 23.63"
  • Height: 79.25"
  • Depth: 27.25"
  • Type: Built-In
  • Style: Bottom Freezer
  • Total Capacity: 12.81 Cu. Ft.
  • Refrigerator Capacity: 9.35 Cu. Ft.
  • Freezer Capacity: 3.46 Cu. Ft.
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24" Wide Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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